What’s up Victory Point?

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Where are all the teletubbies?

I’m sure many people are wondering how this is affecting companies during the epidemic.
Here’s a snapshot of our company:

We have also taken this epidemic into consideration at Victory Point by disinfecting our equipment every time we play, hand sanitizer checked and keeping our customers safe during these times. We have also taken into account the limits / recommendations set by the government and will do as we see fit. We have not yet had to close our place, so far we are open normally until otherwise stated.

We also receive feedback from our customers during this situation, as well as other things to which we can say thank you for giving us your feedback as good as your suggestions for improvement as it will drive our company forward.

Of course, this situation is very much visible in our company and there is no information on how to move forward here, but day after day, right?

We just want to make our customers aware that we are open as long as we can and can. If the situation gets worse, we take the matter seriously within the company and make decisions based on discussions.

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Best news for the last!

But something good has happened to us and good news is always left to the last, so here it comes! We have landed two newest devices! Namely Virtuix Omnies! The equipment was rented to us by 360XP Finland, so let’s be careful when using them and tell everyone about them.

Virtuix Omnies are one of the newest VR-devices in the world and, to this end, they are the first public devices in the whole of Central Finland! So come test them on the spot with your friends!

We have also been able to take interior design forward from our interior design team. We have also taken into account the opinions of our customers and thank you for giving us your feedback, both good and bad, we will take all feedback into consideration.

Finally, we would like to thank our customers for coming to Victory Point and always welcoming new customers to visit us!

Best Regards,
Victory Point Staff

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