Victory Point Presskit

Press kit serves as a guide and guide on how to respect and highlight the Victory Point brand. When you make ads, publications, or other print-related things that use our brand or material, please remember to check with us! Contact and add at the beginning of the title: Publication; subject name, date, publication platform.

For example, Publication; Central Finland’s most variety gaming center, January 31th 2020,

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our customer service by email!


The Victory Point logo may not be obtained in commercial or political contexts without written permission. Good manners must be followed when using the logo.

The logo should have at least 25px of blank space around it, and no extra text or pictures should be placed on the logo. You may not make your own version of the logo. Only logos found in the press kit can be used as logos.

The best position for the logo is in the middle of the material, or some corner (for example, the bottom right corner).

Color Chart

Victory Point’s main color is #971b23, backed by #14323d and #252333. As a rule, texts are written using #FFFFFF color.