Where Victory Point got started?

It all started with the idea of Sami and his friend in the fall of 2017, who Sami told the team at the Veturitalli’s Game Program Project. During the project, there was also an opportunity to ask Jyväskylä Mayor Timo Koivisto for his opinion from a city perspective, to which he replied: “That sounds like a good business idea.” (Video)

Inspired by this, the idea began to evolve all the more realistic, and eventually Sami decided to make a decisive gaming move to find out how to set up a gaming center in January 2018. The journey began at Central Finland’s New Business Center. Sami supplemented his knowledge with a UYK’s evening course and a couple of Kasvu Open’s events / workshops. The content of video courses and other help videos on LinkedIn were also helpful.

Collaboration or alone?

In May 2018, Sami had an appointment with the CEO of the Evolution Arena in Turku, which launched the first concept building in the form of franchising. The loan was first applied for in June, but without success due to lack of data. Next, the project team started to consider the next option to get funding. Towards the end of the year, there was also a change of premises at the Mylly shopping center in Turku, where we were asked to share the same ideology with the local shopping center. After the survey, the promising premises of Forum Jyväskylä shopping center were chosen.

However, in May 2019 we received the unfortunate news from Turku that Evolution Arena would have to go bankrupt for internal reasons, thus excluding the possibility of a franchise pattern. From now on, it was decided to continue with our own concept and to specialize in a versatile gaming center. The funding application were later sent to Nordea as a last resort, which resulted in a positive decision. We went on to find collaboration partners and to identify equipment needs from different stores. Finally, Victory Point Oy was established on Tuesday, August 20, 2019. In the same week, new premises had to be searched for and almost immediately found at Kauppakatu 18 A right next to the Nordea branch.

The goal is versatility

Our goal is to specialize in diversity. At the same time, versatility also enables us to bring different customer groups under one roof, rather than providing services to just one or two user groups. We wanted to combine f.e. VR and PC games under one roof. After all, VR is a constantly evolving technology and there are still Finns who haven’t experienced it because of it’s high price or haven’t experienced it as a value for their money. So versatility gives you more leeway when you can come up with new uses for our products.

As for future enlargement, time will tell. Certainly a possible alternative, if we first say that the Jyväskylä market is profitable enough with our cost structure. We strongly believe in the power of demand for what you can see and hear everywhere in Jyväskylä. I would consider wireless & stand-alone VR glasses, Oculus Quests, to bring something new to the market. Versatility also enables us to get partners involved in our business! Up to now, at least VisitJyväskylä, Huoltokukko ,Pelaajat.com, youth services (Cabin), Rax and TNNet Oy have “joined forces” with us. The goal is to get also electronics stores and media houses, such as Gigantti and Keskisuomalainen.

How can I find to the place?

Victory Point facilities have appeared on Jyväskylä’s Kauppakatu, in the very center of Jyväskylä! Here you will find high performance computers, VR glasses and Retro consoles. We also organize private events and events whenever possible!

So take yourself and your friends with us, the enjoyment starts from here! Your job is to enjoy, we maintain the technology!