Versatile Gaming Center full of entertainment, in Jyväskylä!

Victory Point is a versatile Game Center located in Jyväskylä. Our center offers you the opportunity to enjoy yourself and a setting for video game enthusiasts. You can enjoy gaming on a variety of devices such as gaming PCs, VR glasses, retro consoles, Nintendo Switch or Playstation 4 Pro.

If you are coming to us for the first time, read the ABC of Entertainment in advance and book a positive attitude! If, on the other hand, the place is lost, a map will be found in our contact information to help you find the right door!

Grab your sneakers and come on your own or with a group!

Experience your virtual experience today!

We don’t just have to play PC and console games. We offer a variety of VR devices that make virtual reality almost palpable!

You can come test your own rhythm on breaking blocks with the Beat Saber, or be the ninja of your life in Fruit Ninja! Who needs a real roller coaster when you can experience it with Epic Roller Coasters too, but more fascinating!

Here you will find 4 Oculus Quests and HTC Vive Pro VR glasses, with the assistance of our staff.

Psst! Most glasses fit under VR devices.

Events and theme nights

We also organize various events, theme nights and game tournaments on our premises to ensure variety and versatility. Our aim is to support young people’s hobbies and to offer their own entertainment center in the center of Jyväskylä, where you can spend time, play with a group and meet new people.

We have organized, among other things, Retro Fridays, weekly competitions and a VictoryLAN event on our premises. Remember to follow us on Facebook to stay on top of our latest events!

We also welcome new event ideas, so feel free to contact us for the best game events in the heart of Central Finland!

We’re starting our own league for players of all levels.

For more information: Höntsä League’s homepage

My events?

We also have the opportunity to organize your own private events, such as children’s birthday parties, corporate well-being days or other events in our own space.

The reservation includes all available equipment for your group. The price is always tailored to your needs and may include a catering or bar service at an additional cost.