ABC of Entertainment

ABC of Entertainment is the key to better comfort on our premises, so we hope you read through it.

Gaming Center’s Rules

  • This is a public place, so please keep in mind other people! Respect and respect other players by giving them peace of mind when needed.
  • Always take care of the equipment you are using, you are responsible and liable for any damage caused!
  • Your parents are not cleaning here, so let’s keep the facilities comfortable and tidy. Use the garbage!
  • For extra cleaning we charge a fee of 30€.
  • Hygiene. Wash your hands if you go to the toilet.
  • No own drinks on our premises please. (Exceptional cases will be considered separately depending on the situation!)
  • All kinds of disturbing behavior will lead to leaving our premises. Repeated disturbing behavior means a gate ban.
  • If possible, do not delete other players’ game saves/files
  • Please leave your outdoor shoes in the hallway, so no one has to begin to sweep the pebbles around the game center’s every corner. This is to promote overall comfort. <3

User Manual: PC

ATTENTION! If you come for the first time to play with computers, you will be created a personal account at checkout.

  • The PCs are logged in with the logins made at the checkout.
  • When starting the games, open first their launcher (Steam,, Origin, Epic games) and then you can start the game from there or from the desktop.
  • You must have purchased the game with your account to play it.
  • When you stop playing, be sure to sign out of the launchers and other programs with your accounts.
  • To ensure that the game time remains for the next time, log out through the gaming center program’s “Logout” button in the top right corner, then press “Yes”.
  • The staff will help you in problem situations.
  • Do not turn off the PC when leaving.

Wishing you fun gaming moments,
Victory Point’s staff